The Backend Game Engine

Build and scale games
faster, simpler, and more reliably.

We are currently working with a handful of studios but will be opening the platform up in a private beta soon. Sign up for updates and to be first in line.

Building and maintaining a platform has gotten more complex and expensive. We’ve built the platform so you can focus on the game.

We are developers and gamers that believe in the power of recreation, imagination, and community. We believe we can all go farther when we work and play together.


Code Level Access

We give teams code level access so you can control your own infrastructure setup and tailor and customize your features to match your unique game.


Own Your Data

Don’t be subject to the success or failure of a 3rd party (including us). Own your data, and your infrastructure while getting best in-class updates as we grow our features.


Scale to Millions

Our team is made up of platform engineers that have scaled games to hundreds of millions of active players and is built for scale. Derisk your launch and prepare for success.